Aim & Goal

Our Aim

The main aim of our institution is to look into the overall growth of a student apart from computer education. What they learn in their home, school and colleges is not enough to survive in this globalized world. Hence the Institute prepares students in all aspects to face the challenges in both professional as well as personal life. Regarding the same, RCIT also conducts Personality Development Programs for Students &Teachers Places. Personality Development program include – Communication skills, Eye contact, Body language, Discipline, Time management, Coping with stress etc The institute aims at expanding its wings in various levels of IT education globally through various projects, associating with Govt. projects, Quasi Govt. agencies, and Private Companies e programs etc. RCIT focuses on Computer Education with other Vocational trainings


Our Mission

To build teaching environment that responds to future challenges -

  • To nurture talent and creativity as well as provide aspiring faculties from diverse background with skills to sustain through their professional career.
  • To provide quality education in both theoretical and applied foundations of computer education and to train students to effectively apply research based education,
    to solve real world problems.
  • To amplify the student’s potential & develop their interpersonal skills and give them competitive edge in every challenging global work environment. Students are molded to deliver the highest level of performance to serve regional, national communities.
  • To exceed the student’s expectations by providing high quality and cost-effective education. This will be accomplished through the coordination of the associates working together in an ethical, efficient, professional and respectful manner.


Our Vision

  • Staying one step ahead in providing the latest Information in Technology Education and sustain quality in academic delivery. Make the institution student friendly and deliver service to the society.